07 October 2017

Best Novel Restaurants in Bandra, Mumbai

Bandra is not just a suburb in Mumbai. Bandra is an attitude, just like Bombay is an emotion.

Ask anyone in Bandra and they will swear by it. No other place in Mumbai can quite match up to the vibe of it. It is a cosmopolitan, always buzzing and yet completely chilled out. There are so many places to go out and feast in the vicinity that it's tough to make a choice. Bandra is home to Carter Road where the sunsets are magical, where you may have hundreds of people for company, and yet you can completely lose yourself in that moment when the sun goes down over the Arabian Sea.

It is difficult to narrow down a list of places we love in Bandra. And it is entirely possible that the list leaves out some of your favourites. But taking up the challenge, here is our list of avant-garde restaurants we recommend you try in Bandra:

Veranda - Executive Enclave 

Veranda is a bright sunlit courtyard with an art decor vibe in the heart of Bandra serving up deconstructed modern Indian cuisine while keeping traditional flavorings intact. The space is a melting pot for artists both in a traditional and gastronomic sense coming together to offer a unique sensorial experience to all day diners with palate pleasing dishes and vivid works of art exhibited around.

Veranda the name itself gives a very homely feeling, very spacious with a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. With paintings from the featured artist of the week adorning this beautiful eatery, it just feels like a perfect fusion of art and ambiance. The food, beverages and service is top notch. A vibrant happy place for parties, sit down lunches and kitty parties.


Cafe Terra - Executive Enclave

Terra, the rooftop cafe @ Executive Enclave is the only chill out bar and restaurant in Mumbai where you can simply relax and unwind. In a circus of burgeoning new restaurants in the city, experimenting and innovating to keep up with the race, Terra is unquestionably here to stay, with its secret hideout rooftop location that has been a regular for Bandraites since years for unwinding under the stars for drinks and its diligently honest tastes in food.

Terra makes you feel as if you are in a European setting in Toscana or a quaint Spanish town, soothing to the eyes with its white interiors and hints of turquoise. The playful use of greens in plants and its roof top garden, with notes of bonsai on each table exemplify its rustic and original nature living to its name "Terra"- that means 'earth' in Latin. Terra remains truly a landmark in the city, never content to rest on its laurels and continuing to push the envelope in terms of food and service, quality and value. Even the setting of the tables with chairs spaced with an alignment that makes way for a purely private sitting is worth a mention that is barely found in restaurants cramped up for space in our city.


Door No.1

Door No.1 is your own nostalgic house party where you will walk into the present but leave breathing your memorable past. We're bringing Retro back!

This retro bar with mood lighting and mix and match seating, offers a relaxed ambience. With no-frills but fun d├ęcor and a plethora of board games and books around, this place allows you to unwind and have a good time. The bar menu is exciting with options galore, no matter what your tipple. The food menu offers enough variety for all palates.


The English Department Bar & Diner

Bandra has a new royal place to hangout out! It's as English as it can get with the whole decor. From wall arts to the London Bridge on the bar to the seating, the Queen Elizabeth figurines and the London flag on the ceiling, and the waiters dressed in English uniforms definitely gives u the English vibe. The DJ does an amazing job at the latest tracks. Though the place is called English Department, the menu is not strictly English. They have various different cuisines you could try. From Thai and Chinese to Tandoor and falafel; it's all there.