05 October 2017

Dinomeals - Who, What, When & Why?

Dinomeals – enhance your dining experience

Now, Virtual Reality will help you explore your preferred restaurant and reserve a table of your choice.

It’s the 21st century; we are living in the Information Age, where options come at your fingertips. Everyone wants more convenience, more choices so the shift is quite gradual to get things done online. One such activity where technology can help is – reserving tables at your favorite restaurant with family or friends.

Sometimes, we don’t want to miss our favorite restaurant on a very special day or occasion so we like to reserve a table of our choice for a particular time. Sometimes, we have an important meeting or a business gathering, which we want to keep in any exclusive and peaceful ambiance so we reserve for a suitable restaurant and make the arrangements according to the event.

Dinomeals, is a Virtual Reality based startup founded by two techies, and we are trying to revolutionize the hospitality industry by providing a Virtual Reality solution for reserving your table at a restaurant.

It all started in the winter of 2016 when the co-founders, former colleagues at Capgemini, Mumbai planned a get together at their favorite restaurant with couple of friends. Although everyone had a great meal, "There was something we weren't happy about - it was the tables we were seated at". So, when one of the friend's said "I wish I could reserve a table of my choice", the cord was struck and the idea of Dinomeals VR was born.

We soon realized that our highly paid day job at Capgemini won't allow us to get time out for building this product, so we decided to quit our jobs and started working full time on Dinomeals. It’s for the first time that someone has tried to use Virtual Reality to help view and select inventory. Restaurant virtual tours offer a wealth of information in relation to other media such as photos and video footage. For many visitors ambiance of the restaurant is much more important than the offer from menu. This mostly applies to the younger population that cares more about restaurant design and ambiance, than the restaurant offers and choice of dishes.

Now, don’t just dine, Experience Dining!