26 May 2018

Famous Floating Restaurant Ark Deck Sinks In Arabian Sea Near Mumbai.

Mumbai's One of the favorite destinations to party in the sea Ark Deck sinks yesterday 25th may around 7 pm .

A person who was passing on the Bandra Worli Sea Link, reported about the boat facing turbulence.As per the news sources and locals, the anchor moved its position due to high tidal waves last evening.Some news also says that due to the big tidal waves of the Mekuni Cyclone, the anchor lost its control. Due to which the ship tilted dangerously.

Image Source - Facebook page Ark Deck

All 15 people mostly crew where rescued using small motor boats and brought on shore.the flotel was about to call off their operation due to upcoming monsoon and before that this tragedy hit.Ark deck started their operations in Dec 2017 and was an instant hit with people wanting to go for a different experience with sea and view of sea link.

Image source - Twitter

here are some of the amazing view that people use to enjoy

Source - Facebook Ark deck

Ark deck, Mumbai Maiden and AB Celestial are operating in Mumbai as flotel restaurants. All of them are not operational in monsoon.